About Us


Patty Bennett- Founder, thearmedfemale.com

Like most women, I was introduced to firearms by my husband.  While it was a good experience overall, learning to shoot from a male does not always provide the best viewpoint.

After treating firearm shooting as a recreational sport for many years, in 2000 I decided to join a ladies group where I started to realize how effective firearms can be for defensive purposes. Besides NRA Range Safety Officer, I have attended many training classes and organized/instructed many other classes for ladies of all ages.  I also enjoy shooting at the competitive levels and you will see me regularly at the local action pistol clubs.

My personal belief is that we should be able to protect ourselves, especially women.  By creating this site, my goal is to provide a place where ladies can find instruction without the typical testosterone driven experience.

I hope that you will give the shooting sport a chance and see if it is for you.

Sandy Lambert

Sandy has been teaching/assisting a woman’s only class for the past 4 years and a she has been a range safety officer for 6 years.  She is a certified instructor for both Utah Concealed Firearms Permit  and NRA Basic Pistol.  Sandy’s smile and laugh are infectious.