What we offer

We offer different types of training:

  • Workshops–  Limited instruction, usually held monthly.  2 hour range time with a fun atmosphere.
  • Classes–  Held as scheduling permits.  They can vary from 2-6 hours and they would include more detailed classroom instruction as well as in depth range training.  Some may be NRA sponsored.
  • Personal Training–  Held by appointment.  One to two people and a 1 hour minimum.  We will work with you at your level.

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These ladies did an incredible job!







“I definitely loved the Women on Target, although I had already had some training it was MOST helpful to shoot several other guns. Also helpful to see other women’s holster options. Price was very reasonable.” Beth










“I liked that the class was small. I think it made a difference that we didn’t feel like we had to compete for time with you for any assistance. I feel a lot more confident shooting my gun after taking the class. I could hit the target fine before but I wasn’t sure about my stance. The class totally changed that.”
Thanks, Andrea


“First of all, thank you for putting the classes together. Just finding a women’s class is great. I feeling much more comfortable about shooting from a standing position.”  Thanks again, Carol